Head inclined towards the table, eyes drifting from the person in front of you to the clock above, your head falls further until it hits the table and a loud call of your name jerks you awake.  All this while you wonder only one thing, ’why the hell is history so boring?’

For some history enthusiasts like us, history may not be boring but the monotonous repetition of same facts over the years may cause you to doze off in classes. For some, history classes can be a nightmare or like nighttime when they only want to sleep.

What if the lessons that we are taught in the classes are not the only noticeable events of history? There ought to be some harrowing episodes in the history of the world that would keep you on edge and keep you awake. What if we are taught about those daunting happenings in history classes?

The below listed perturbing benchmarks of human history will answer the above questions for you.