It’s been a year yet it feels like an eternity and just yesterday, at the same time. Among these college students I never knew anyone personally but still they felt like family. Erudite has become my family, they helped me grow they made me who I am now. Erudite gave me an opportunity to experiment with myself and to achieve something I was not even close to imagining. From a guy who knew just software to a graphic designer Erudite is the key which helped me unlock my potential.

Special thanks to my beloved Vanshika, Rishab and Shriya (da)

-Abhishek Mishra

I joined The Erudite, after finding out that it was a student lead media organization. I thought it would be great to be a part of a media company that was student-led and it was. Even though I was with them for a month, it was an impressive experience, I got to learn from the amazing team as well got to contribute to the website. Being a student-led organization we faced some challenges but we overcame them together and now The Erudite is completing its one year, I must say it was a pleasure to be a part of it, I wish them all good luck in their endeavors.

-Anshu Rathore

It is the goal of every content developer to connect and work with an organization that fosters freedom of thought and inculcates the habit of thinking and exploring new ideas.  My association with The Erudite during the 6-week internship program was one of my best practical learning experiences in the role of a content writer.

Being a part of the team allowed me to share my thoughts and opinions in the numerous brainstorming sessions, as we came up with innovative and engaging articles for the readers. The editors and mentors were very cooperative and gave us prompt feedback on our writeups with insightful criticism. The weekly team meetings and performance review sessions helped in communicating my problems and collaboratively ideate new themes. The excellent mentorship from the founding members provided the zeal and confidence to try something different and strive for perfection.

The Erudite provided the platform where I could exhibit and enhance my creative writing skills while widening my vistas and creating a standpoint on numerous social topics. It was an enriching experience for my professional development, and I highly cherish the time I spent with the team.

-Anubhab Sarkar

“What started as an escape from the monotonous routine of the pandemic, led to some great learning experiences and building of an amazing network.”

I still remember the afternoon in the beginning of the pandemic when I randomly received a call from Vanshika. She told me that she was planning to launch a platform where interested writers could get their articles published and offered me to join the founders’ team. Although I was initially apprehensive about the whole thing, I was quite relieved when I met other members of the team, some of whom were my school friends.

One year from that day, I can proudly say that my journey at ‘The Erudite’ has indeed been a great learning experience- from working on a blog from scratch to heading the Editorial Department, there has been learning each day. The experience of interacting with the supportive members of the team and working with interns was something I had not learnt earlier while working in any College society. It also added a lot to my Writing and Communication skills as I learnt to appreciate the work of others while improving on my own. I wish good luck to the entire team of ‘The Erudite’ and hope that it continues to bloom the same way and accomplish its aim of supporting young writers seeking for a platform to voice out their opinion!


-Anushka Bajpai

You know that feeling when you desperately want to be a part of something, I had that same eagerness in me for being a part of Erudite.
If you ask me why, it was because I was impressed by their instagram handle and knew that yes this is something even I want to do. It was like a window to my cluttered room of thoughts. I really have so many beliefs in my head but can never really decide on which is the right one out of those. Being here and having to write articles, searching about the topics in depth and then forming a viewpoint has remarkably helped me in entwining that cluster of notions I had in head. This journey has made me think deep about various aspects and pen down stuff ranging from current scenario of the country to my inner entangled emotions. From the very first article that I submitted to the last one till now, I have explored a lot which I couldn’t have if it weren’t for The Erudite. And now looking at all the work I have done, it feels like jeez did I seriously do all this on my own. Honestly glad to be a part of this journey with Erudite.

-Anushka Nagar

To everyone reading this, I am Ashita Thakur an ex-content writer of this amazing website “The ERUDITE”. It was an absolute wondrous journey working with a team consisting of not only dedicated but also loving people like Vanshika, Rishab, Shriya and I remember 13 of us. I am grateful to work beside you all each day. And believe me, while working with this team I could truly resonate with that, distance is really never a matter of concern when you have hearts to spead warmth. At last it was not just a team but a little family like that contributed alot to my journey of learning and this journey will always be very close to heart.

Wishing Team ERUDITE a very happy Anniversary! Blessings for more glories years to come.

-Ashita Thakur

One thing I learned at this organization was teamwork. Perfectly keeping up to its name, Erudite is ‘the example’ of solidarity and accomplishment. The work I’ve done with this team will always be exceptional because it was my first internship I actually decided to extend! Keep up the great work fellas and cheers to many more years of success to come?

-Deeksha Khandelwal

The world of words is infinite and magical like the oceans. The deeper you dive, the more it enchants you.

I have always loved to write. More than anything and everything and my biggest inspiration comes from nature and all the beautiful metaphors scattered in the natural panorama all around us. At The Erudite, this passion of mine found an expression and that with the freedom to choose the genre that I wished to write in!

With the best of teammates and a common vision, the dive has been a breathtaking one! The Erudite is a great initiative that let’s one explore their love for the art called writing, with like minded people and the limitless expanse of their vivacious imagination!

Without wax,


My journey with team Erudite has been filled with amazing memories, where I got an opportunity to connect with some enthusiastic bunch of innovative minds. The founder, co-founder and design lead have shown their utmost support and guided me throughout the term of period I have contributed in the team. Hence, it is always the journey and people that matters! Altogether,  I have had companions beside me who helped me be a strategic and a professionally creative person that I am today.

It is an immense pleasure for me to work as a graphic designer with such wonderful team. I wish success to team Erudite on completing its one glorious year. Keep achieving the best in the days to come!

-Mobasherah Falak

My experience at Erudite has been great so far. I particularly like the independent working style along with the accountability that is expected of me. During the internship not only I’ve interacted with students from different parts of India but also learned a lot from them. I am so grateful for this experience in a somewhat sheltered environment.


Working in content team for Erudite was my first internship ever and I’m really proud that I was a part of it. In these times of crisis, it was really productive being associated with Erudite. I realized what it is to be in a professional work environment. I made good friends and met people with great minds. It made me realize that I’ve a lot to learn. It was a great boost to my confidence and self-esteem. I want to thank Erudite for giving me this opportunity. Wishing everyone good health and great future ahead.


Working with The Erudite will always remain a productive experience for me. I learned a lot more than I expected. I enhanced many of my soft skills too. I was provided with wholesome opportunities to prosper and support to implement them. It helped me boost my confidence and self-belief to a great extent.

In addition to this, uniting with The Erudite will always hold a special place in my heart. It has the friendliest work environment. Due to this, I not only gained valuable work experience but made some robust connections as well. And I’m pretty sure that I could always count on them.?

-Ishita Narang

My journey in The Erudite has been nothing less than a fun fest! I got a place to build my show and exhibit my skills of creative writing; received immense love and support not only from the audience, but from my treasured and caring team! Thanks for roping me in. It was amazeballs; I loved it!!!

-Janvi Gupta

My experience at The Erudite till now has been nothing but fantastic. The opportunities presented in such a short span of time have been exemplary. The flexibility provided along with the choice to explore a variety of areas with one’s ideas sets it apart. The periodic revision of responsibilities instilled a habit of punctuality, for which I am thankful to The Erudite. Hope it benefits from my continued contribution.

-Kavish Shah

People say working with a startup will provide you some of the best learning experiences of your life, and they are so right. To others,  working at The – Erudite might just be another 2-month internship for adding it to their resume, but for me, it was way above that mindset. It was one of the most enriching experiences of my college life.

I started as a Marketing Executive and then later on the organization recognized my efforts and promoted me to the position of Head of Human Resources. Not only has this team made an invaluable addition to my experiences and knowledge but then has helped me to make friends for a long time.

I am grateful to the organization for providing some of the best learning experiences one could ever hope for.

Cheers to my 6 monthly long association with the team?

-Pankaj Bansal

There are always moments in your life journey, you can vouch for and then It’s Erudite for which I can vouch, that it was a plausible thing for me to join. The journeys sparks growth, from an intern to a Head. Certainly one can never justify his/her experience with a paragraph because it’s more than just earning it’s learning that persists with you forever. As I was a non bibliophile, I think the decision joining was worth it!

A big virtual hug to all my peers, besides work you guys were so cordial that made this journey easier.

I see a strong better and an Assiduous side of myself, and I  can say I am a better and exuded individual.

Bon Voyage Erudite!

-Paras Arora

I came to know about Erudite from a friend of mine. I was nervous initially and not sure about it then I saw their handle and it was quite promising and interesting. It had been a great journey even though I had been part of Erudite for just two months but it has been more amazing then I had thought of. I had learnt a lot from them and still learning. My skills has groomed a lot and I had got different perspective of seeing the things which has improved my creativity. We as a unit are not less than a family to me. Now Erudite is completing its one year. I am lucky to be a part of it. I wish them good luck and many more glorious years.


It was a wonderful experience to work with a team of fresh and innovative minds. The work culture is very inclusive and transparent. Everybody was encouraged to work as a team and had each other’s back to bring the best outcome. Working here has really helped me in enhancement of my skills and really pushed to perform better and better everyday.

-Sarojini Gupta

I knew Erudite since it began always thought of being a part of it but was afraid if I’ll be able to do it. My friend asked me to join the family and I was surprised to see such amazing people, super supportive teammates. Being with Erudite I was able to explore my skills and develop some new ones too. Keeping it short I just want to say that ‘I am glad to be a part of Erudite’.

-Saumya Omer

I would be forever grateful to Maulishree and Vanshika who first asked me whether I was willing to join Erudite or not. I have met more than 50 people while working in editorial and content departments. Each one of them had a different writing style and had a unique understanding of different issues/topics. In this 1 year I have learnt so many new things from everyone who had desire to pour their heart out in the form of articles that it is nearly impossible to jot them down. To everyone reading this if you ever worked in Erudite and we somehow communicated for any work-related stuff, know that I will always remember you and cherish all that you gave to our organization. This 1 year celebration is the celebration of people, of writers, graphic designers, HRs, Marketing team members and proof readers. We are celebrating readers who kept faith in us, members of our whatsapp groups and our social media followers. Anyone and everyone who helped us grow in some form or other we are eternally grateful for your support! 

Special Thanks to Rishab,Ashita,Vaidehi,Janvi,Anushka,Kamalika,Vaishnavi,Titiksha,Paras,Abhishek,Satyaki and Pankaj!

Many More Anniversaries to be celebrated Erudite!

-Chimata Shriya

I had an appreciable time working with The Erudite. The Erudite aims at providing amiable environment to the interns beside working so that they can learn different skills at ease. It has helped me in maintaining stable connections with the individuals of varied colleges during the tenure and ever after.

I have developed many of the soft skills in the course of time and thereafter has developed as a refined individual overall. Thank you Erudite for having me and providing with the cherishing memories.

Shubhangi Arora

I joined erudite as intern and I was a part graphic designing team. I was there for a very brief period of time which was a month. We all faced challenges but at the end we made a great team inspite of our disagreements of designs and each of us had a feeling that in some way or the other did contribute to the website. All of us were college students and had a lot to handle. I’m really happy that Erudite is completing one year and is growing each day!
-Vidushie Mishra

So it’s definitely great to hear that Erudite has completed its 1year successfully. I’d been a part of this organisation for almost 6 months. I had an amazing journey in this organisation. I got a lot of experience and it helped me improve my literary skills. The team was very cooperative and supportive. I enjoyed working with the core team members. It was really great working with Vanshika, the founder of the Erudite and Rishab, the co-founder and Shriya too. She was the best HOD and too helpful. It was an honour for me to be the part of such a fabulous organisation❤️

-Yashika Jain