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Should women be paid for household work? Why not?

A study found that the global monetary value of domestic work exclusively carried out by women, calculated at minimum wage rate is $10.9 trillion; roughly 13% of the global Gross Domestic Product. It may be tempting to want to monetise the value of such unpaid labour, in an effort to acknowledge the labour dispensed by women. After all, if a country like Venezuela can make an effort to recognize its role in the informal economy, why can’t our country do the same? It’s a proven fact that the onus of domestic chores falls disproportionately on women in India. The idea of monetising such work has been floating around for quite some time now, although well-intentioned, is a flawed argument in itself. 

The Perfect Paradise

“For oft, when on my couch I lie

In vacant or in pensive mood,

They flash upon that inward eye

Which is the bliss of solitude;

And then my heart with pleasure fills,

And dances with the daffodils.”

Like William Wordsworth has glorified daffodils in his evergreen poem, he has glorified literature with his famous definition of poetry; “the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings: it takes its origin from emotion recollected in tranquillity”. Poetry is not just a word, it’s a sea of immense and passionate warmth flooded with words. The beauty of poems is serene. It can make one dive into a pool of sensation and fervour and experience a sense of freedom from the worldly desires and virtues. Poetry is an expression of unsaid and unheard feelings which lie deep inside a person battling with each other to be enunciated in a string of words matched with a rhythm to ornament them. 

The origins of poetry are believed to have been from the ballads and hymns which were sung by people to keep an account of history. In the olden days verses were generally related to oral history, genealogy and law. Modern poetry includes anything and everything from social issues to personal experiences and objects being personified to ideas being brought to life. 

Poetry is worth it if it amuses the reader, ignites a fire within them and makes them feel and relate to the subject.  Poetry can take the reader to a wonderland wherein he/she/they jump onto the train of thoughts of the poet and feel immersed in a perfectly enchanting combination of joy, love, pain, excitement and all the rest feelings. 

Writing a poem is like discovering oneself, the end is not pre-decided, the words flow from within the writer and an elegant piece is created with an end which was never meant but still is the best it could ever have. 

Poetry is never alone; it is always accompanied with a plethora of figures of speech which adorn the words like a pearl adorns a woman. The imagery describes the scene so gracefully that the reader can imagine the picturesque scene set up within moments; thus cherishing it the entire time he reads and even forever. 

the soul reciting

its story

the hand writing

its fate

the heart pondering upon

its memories

the mind racing with 

its word treasure

a feeling etched somewhere deep

a story untold

a story unheard 

a masterpiece in creation

adorned with words

a passion, 

a destination. 

a salvation.

Poetry is thus, an art, a belief, a faith, worship and an extraordinary perception of the ordinary.

Melancholy Strain

There is something in melancholy strain,

It makes the heart cry and kills the brain,

Its hourglass has infinite sand grain,

Memories flash like an endless train,

Tears bust like sudden rain,

For a moment, life is in vain,

Music makes the thought insane,

Then you imagine that’s your mind’s brain,

Your positivity flows into the drain,

Negative thoughts stick to you like a stain,

Once someone said, music is like magic,

It is, but life is full of the world tragic,

Everything hurt, but they are biologic,

Inside everyone, there is a beast Karadzic,

If you ain’t deep, everyone’s life is a comic,

Some moments are iconic while others ironic,

Then came a screech, damn change the topic.


I have people around me

I talk to them, share my future goals with them

And tell them how I am as a human


They listen to me and keep their point of view

They do everything the way I want

They make up situations that I desire

And help me to get a pre-experience out things


But something is wrong

They do exactly what I want without saying anything

One day they are good to me and other they are bad

They just run on my fingertips


I get out of the room

I am in my house with my family

But still, I feel I am in space, an empty space

I have no one to share my problems with

Because I am scared of what people will think

So I create my virtual space that listens to me

Those people in my space are real

But in reality, we have no connection

And life goes on with me dreaming about them

I dream of them so that they listen to me

I dream of them so I don’t feel lonely

I dream of them that much that this life has became a dream for me…


The society said they cannot work in defense services;

For women, it was time to defy this prejudice.

People didn't have faith in their resolve,

According to them, it was ludicrous to get involved,

But the women remained undeterred,

At last, due to their perseverance, they were conferred

With the right to enlist in the navy;

Who took an oath to serve bravely.

It was undoubtedly a proud period for India,

The women were content to have finally met all the criteria.

But to prove their prowess as soldiers

They had to be much bolder,

They knew there was no place for fear,

Hence, with many pieces of training, they got prepared,

Though it was not easy to commit,

They knew in their gut they'll make it.

Now they enroll knowing it will be tough;

The time could be rough, 

And protect us from the ships of the enemy,

As, for them, we all are their family.

Several sacrifices they make,

Put their lives at stake,

Face numerous battles daily,

Just so we could live safely.

Far from their loved ones,

Is when their true test begins.

While serving, they keep aside the worries and troubles,

With puissance, they make efforts despite their struggles.

Even when they find themselves beleaguered,

They do not teeter,

Rather, beat the odds with their acts of valor;

Go to so many lengths for those who matter.

Be it flying the aircraft as pilots

For rescue missions in an inclement climate,

Providing medical facilities

To the best of their abilities,

Or acting as observers and pointing out opponents

Without wasting a moment,

Women in the Indian navy selflessly serve others,

They truly are the world’s greatest wonders.

They don't fear death,

Ready to combat until their last breath.

From them, we learn courage,

To be served by them is indeed a privilege.

They teach us to never surrender,

Whatever may the gender,

For, a job in the navy is just the start,

One just needs to follow one's heart.