It took a lot of us an entire pandemic to realize nothing is permanent and money cannot buy you a single extra second. No advancement in technology, medical science or modernity can belie the truth of impermanence. And the most important thing in life is how to live your present with the people around you, how felicitous your choices are, and how happy and loved you are. You need not think how embarrassing would you look if you do not wear a branded T-shirt, you need not analyze your worth every other second. You need not LOOK happy, SHOW you are loved, or BE satisfied with what you have forcefully. You need to BE happy, FEEL loved and love, and BE contended from within without having compared yourself with the so-called perfect example.

The statistics of your social media handle don’t define what you are, how well you stand in life. We need to start prioritizing love and love for the ones who love. I’m sure almost everyone who is reading this must have felt sometime in the past 1.5 years that love is really powerful. It can conquer fear and even make death meaningful. If earning money and pretending to be normal and happy was enough, why do you think any Bollywood star or someone who was financially very strong committed suicide, or for that matter even die? Money is a thing very crucial and necessary in anyone’s life, it is not practical to say we can survive without necessary finances but it is not right to give oneself up for the sake of it, thinking it to be the all and end-all. If we are to introspect, contemplate and reflect, I’m sure we will realise that we must alter the course of life, and learn to live with humility, gratitude, and love.

One can surely dissent from my point of opinion, it isn’t the universal truth but I’m very confident that this emancipating catastrophic virus has made us feel how important love is. There’s hardly any who has not lost his or her loved one and there is some hollow space that has been dug in your life. I’m not asking you to espouse a particular way of living or show the ideal path, all I’ve been trying to say is materialistic pleasure is temporary, we should thrive to leave behind footprints in the hearts of people and make sure we don’t die till everyone else does because as the first line of my passage says, nothing is permanent. Your footprints will get washed off from the world once someone builds a technology better than you did but what you as a person are cannot be changed. Do not wait to lose your loved ones to realize how important they were in your life, be thankful to all those who love you, care for you, and are there with you. Learn to forgive and embrace the people around you. It’s important. Trust me, it is!