On the side where I know about the

consequences my actions would have.

On the side where love is in my favour

And my stars are not at fault.

On the side where i choose you yet again,

Only here, you choose me too.

On this side, there are fights and argument.

Only here there are patchups too.

On the side where I am as important as the blueberry cheesecake,

And you make a choice without options.


On this side,

I don’t have to tell the stars about you.

You’re making promises and are holding them true.

The flowers you give, don’t die this side

We talk all day, there’s nothing to hide.

I’m happy, I smile and am content with my life

Days are easy, I live without having to strive.


You came and I let you in,

My life will never be the same.

I wish I could travel to this other side,

Where I’m those flowers that you gave.

Every morning breeze freshens their smell,

They don’t die this side and me as well.

You help me through life and my days you make bright,

Take me to the side, where I don’t have to wish for another side.