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Primary education is the basic right of every child as it plays an imperative role. Activities and lessons should be planned in such a manner that the age-old beliefs turn into innovative ideas which can shake the primordial
conceptions about Gender and their respective roles. In cyberage, children have unconstrained access to knowledge that piques their curiosity and lack of plausibility creates prejudices at a very early age. An outdated curriculum will enfeeble the roots of young minds which will sway in elementary education. Poems, rhymes and fairy tales are the first step of learning for a child. But unfortunately, the first step on the road of learning has a destination of stereotypical beliefs.

Let us take the famous story of Cinderella, it has perpetuated that women do not have the capability to free themselves from the clutches of oppression and need a man to bring her out. Moreover, it has given emphasis that even if a man is requisite for the liberation of women from oppression, the women should have such mesmerizing beauty that can grab the attention of the men even with a cursory glance. It glorifies the institution of marriage   and portrays it as the ultimate goal in the life of women. Adding on, the popular narrative such as Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty etc. have focussed on arbitrary qualities rather than pragmatic qualities which is
a reflection of inner beauty such as compassion, empathy, altruism etc.

The most prominent fairy tale, “Snow White” does not only imply gender prejudice but promotes absurd colourism and gives its bit to the universal
belief of associating ‘white’ with beauty. It is said that the tree of education has the root of primary education but the corrupt nature of our narratives
has rotten the first seed of knowledge. The Fairy tales have burdened men to be courageous, violent and saviour. An oft- quoted credulous justification associates physiology with courage. The societal understanding
of ‘strong’ have doomed males to be saviour since their physicality allows them. But a war can be won without a single sword.

Education is the greatest medium of revolution and gender sensitive narratives will make young minds fathom that ‘presence and absence of Y chromosome “should not constitute one’s demeanour, responsibilities to be
upheld and professions to be pursued. The amendments in our incumbent regressive curriculum will liberate girls and boys from becoming victims and chauvinist respectively. 





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    well written… the way you just explained this issue is amazing.