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Some fond and faint 

Dreary, but vivacious 

Abject, yet ecstatic 

Here’s to the memories adopted by my conscious and subconscious. From first birthday cake to having Dolly (my doll) as a mate, And messing all the attempts to bake! 

From burning fingers with a straightener, 

To being left in the car locked up. 

From waging cat fights, to setting tiffs right, with friends. Somewhere between struggling with a bicycle, 

To learning an activa ride 

And raising feet to unlock the door, 

And standing close to mom, an inch taller, 

I grew up. 

And some others, cold and bitter 

Of hurting the dear ones, 

With words and actions. 

And yet, memories of all kind 

Occupy a space in my mind, 

Independent of time and people. 

The acerbic ones, 

Of recent or remote past, 

Tell that the storms came and subsided, 

And that life is now up for a vivid rainbow. 

All the same, grateful to the merry memories 

For always being present, 

When everything looked abysmal. 

And to the fond memories, 

Which recite a joy that sets smile on our face, 

With a wish to relive those times, 

When it was all good and fine. 

And when it dawns upon, 

That the moment right now is a memory ahead, 

I set myself right, 

For a better tomorrow!





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  1. Manju

    Beautiful piece!