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Month: June 2021


“All men should be feminists. If men care about women’s rights the world will be a better place. We are better off when women are empowered – it leads to a better society.”
John Legend

“Feminism is a range of social movementspolitical movements, and ideologies that aim to define and establish the political, economic, personal, and social equality of the sexes.”

When we seek to understand what Feminism encompasses, it becomes important to understand it as an inclusive concept rather than being restricted to one specific gender of the society. Feminists are trying to establish the inclusivity of everyone’s rights, irrespective of their gender identity. It is not about criticizing the so-called ‘male gender’ for all the wrong that has been inflicted on women. Instead, Feminism is a fight for gender equality.     

The Color Purple

Alice Walker’s 1982 The Color Purple is one of the most controversial books written about African-American lives. It won a Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award, was also made into an internationally loved film by Steven Spielberg. The book narrates the story of Celie, a young black girl accustomed to poverty and sexual abuse. She’s separated from her children and beloved sister Nettie. It is not until she meets Shug, an independent mystical black woman, that Celie understands the meaning of womanhood and also learns to embrace it. The book takes you on a journey through Celie’s vision, about her gaining a self, and in that process, everybody else around her becoming more human.

A general guide to nutrition


Sprouts are considered the healthiest snack and are liked by all age groups and as people are looking for healthy, inexpensive, and convenient food, it fits best in this category. Doing sprouting at home requires long hours but in this high-paced world, people have a very hectic schedule and lack time for themselves so they end up going to the supermarket and buy raw sprouts from there. Therefore, it becomes essential to check the safety of fresh sprouts to prevent the large masses from being infected. 

What are sprouts? 

Sprouts are germinated seeds that by time become very young plants. The natural process through which germination occurs is called sprouting. Initially, the seeds are soaked for a longer duration (20 minutes to 12 hours or more), then the required combination of temperature and moisture (35°C and relative humidity of 80%) is provided to the soaked seeds, and are permitted to grow for two to seven days. Lately, the product obtained is a fresh sprout. The optimum conditions required for the sprouting are also ideal for the rapid growth of several bacteria like E. coli and Salmonella, listeria, and molds. There are chances of pre-harvest and post-harvest contamination. Pre-harvest contamination sources include the type of fertilizer used, irrigation water, or soil quality. Post-harvest contamination of sprouts may occur during storage, handling, and transportation of the sprouts.  

There are several foodborne outbreaks associated with sprouts. The first outbreak recorded due to the consumption of sprouts was in 1973. In a recent population-based survey, most of the patients who were diagnosed with foodborne diseases had consumed alfalfa sprouts. There are several physicals, chemical, and biological treatments that can be given to sprouts to reduce the risk of foodborne diseases. Let’s check out the processing of sprouts. 


Nigeria, 7th most populated country in Northern Africa, is a multi-ethnic country. The land is gifted with vast quantities of natural resources. It stands sixth at oil-production and has well-educated and flourished industries. It has a very diverse culture and it differs as we move down from North to South. The 208 million people living, are divided into many ethnic groups which speak over 527 languages and have more than 1150 dialects.


Many millennials will definitely remember the thrill of using a landline to make personal calls, that was most often placed in the living room. Around that time, the birth of feature phones was a big revelation and wireless internet was the new fad in town. 

These disruptions soon reached their peak with the launch of smartphones. So much such that India currently is the second largest smartphone market globally where 134 million smartphones were sold in 2017 and also the largest growing smartphone market according to Morgan Stanley. Reports suggest that high sales volume and favourable average consumer behaviour are enticing to foreign players. 


Munnar, nestled in the mighty Western Ghats, is a tropical hill station in God’s own country, Kerala. This pristine place is home to rolling hills, winding trails and meandering roads, evergreen tea and spice gardens, that are bound to leave you spell-bound. 

Munnar  falls in the Idukki district of Kerala. The name ‘Munnar’ is believed to mean ‘three rivers’. The name has been given because Munnar is situated at the confluence of the rivers Kundala, Mudhirapuhza and Nallathanni and is often referred to as the ‘Kashmir of South India’. The town is interspersed with hills and mountains, rivers and waterfalls, plantations and wildlife protected areas, offering a wholesome diversity in terms of topography.

Active Euthanasia: Should it be Legalised in India?

India is a secular country and a land of diverse cultures and beliefs. The kind of miscellany that can be seen in a country like ours is inimitable. Despite having huge distinctions and variance in opinions, the things that bind us together are relations and emotions. The worth of the life of an individual is indispensable. Every possible effort is taken forward by the family and relatives to cure the patient and afford him/her a whole new life. Whereas the cases like Aruna Shanbaug, where she was in a vegetative state for 23 years because of the sufferings of the sexual assault by a sweeper brought the concept of Mercy-Killing or Euthanasia of the public and legal attention.

The term is derived from the  Greek words, Eu which means good, and Thanatos referring to death. Hence, the literal meaning of Euthanasia is ‘Good Death’. Euthanasia, assisted suicide, or mercy killing refers to deliberately terminating the life of an individual painlessly if he/she is a victim of inoperable agony of utter unconsciousness or illness.



India is a secular country. It includes different cultures and embraces diverse traditions. Every religion has its unique way of greeting people, offering respect, and praying to the divine. While it’s Namaste for the Hindu community, the Muslim community adopts the Salam. The difference in the Etymology remains, but the intention is the same. Both these gestures hold some significance and there remains more to them that should be known. The following article focuses on the same – the two out of many ways of greeting our fellow mates India has taught us over the years. 


A wonder unheard of for years is now one of the archaeological masterpieces of the world. You can’t come to South America and not go to Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan city in Peru built in the 15th century on top of a mountain. The lost city was rediscovered in 1911 covered by the Andean forest, hence the name “Lost City of the Incas”.



North Korea is a country in East Asia with the capital Pyongyang, a major industrial and transport center. It has been one of the world’s most secretive countries. The country is a home to 25 million people under a form of communist rule which strictly controls all areas of daily life.

All TVs and radios are tuned to state channels and people caught listening to foreign broadcasts face harsh punishments meaning that people of the country have little or no knowledge of world events. The Korean Central News Agency controls the dissemination of information, and all papers are strictly censored.